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Haluk Akakçe

Born 1970, Ankara, Turkey.
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom and New York (NY), United States.

«A passion for drawing is a quality shared by many architects and artists. Haluk Akakce trained as an architect but been working as an artist for many years, using his drawing skills to create videos and graphic works that frequently oscillate between geometric and organic forms. While his geometric forms may reference the Russian constructivists, his organic ones are equally indebted to Henri Matisse's paper cut-outs and Japanese comics. Combining these forms results in a techno-organic hybrid. Akakce's interest is not limited to drawing, however; his recent work has increasingly involved video, although here, too, his primary medium is drawing - he starts with drawings whuch are then digitally animated, like in Shadow Machine (2006). Grid-like structures, circles, rotating shapes, clockwork-like mechanisms from an abstract manga fantasy - these are just some of the elements that are set to music in his animated videos. Which brings us to another key point of reference  for Akakce's works: visual music. Visual music has had an important place in the canon of experimental film ever since Oskar Fischinger set abstract forms in motion to popular classical music in films from the 1930s onward. With his use of excerpts from Leo Delibes' ballet score Coppelia, Akakce clearly draws on Fischinger's style, but goes a step further by creating forms that are more architectural in nature. He folds and unfolds graphic spaces in synchronization with the music in a way that is not far removed from the experiments in visual music currently being conducted by the likes of D-Fuse.» Holger Lund