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Patricia Piccinini

Born 1965, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Lives and works in Melbourne Australia.

«According to the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia: "Piccinini has an ambivalent attitude towards technology and she uses her artistic practice as a forum for discussion about how technology impacts upon life. She is keenly interested in how contemporary ideas of nature, the natural and the artificial are changing our society. Specific works have addressed concerns about biotechnology, such as gene therapy and ongoing research to map the human genome... she is also fascinated by the mechanisms of consumer culture. Piccinini has embraced a wide array of materials in her work. These include still, computer generated images, interactive CD-ROMs, immersive video and sculptural installations, and most recently, film. Using hyper-realistic sculptures of customized life forms, Patricia Piccinini examines the relationships between animals, nature, science, and technology. Her major artworks often reflect her interests in world issues such as bioethics, biotechnologies and the environment, exploring what she calls the 'often specious distinctions between the artificial and the natural'. She challenges our classification of life by displaying the relationship and differences between the organic, natural and our constructed material world."»